Our Difference

Working Together

We live and work in the same communities that you do, and we are committed to making meaningful contributions.
From breakfast programs for children to therapeutic riding for those with disabilities; from sports teams to music programs for seniors – we believe a strong community is a great investment.

Our Approach

It’s simple – and apparently unique – we sit and listen. We can’t possibly get to know your needs until we get to know you.
1. Discover your current life stage
2. Define desired lifestyle and time objectives.
3. Develop custom investment blueprint.
4. Decrease impact of taxation.
5. Design lifetime income plan.
6. Distribute wealth to the people and places you care about.

Ethics & Standards

To some, marketing buzz-words. To us, the very core of our business.
This business is ever-changing, just like your needs and goals. Through our pursuit of excellence and continuing education, you can have confidence knowing we’ll provide the most up-to-date, relevant, and meaningful counsel.
And we do this while maintaining a transparency and honesty that’s the envy of our industry.

Traditional Values

Tradition. Old school values, fresh ideas, solid foundations. Just like our offices. Renovated heritage properties rich in history built in 1884 and 1932.
Comfort. Small enough to know your preferences. Large enough not to be outgrown by any need. Welcoming offices, a home away from home.
Clarity. Establishing clear direction for everyone involved. Statements you can actually understand and that tell the whole story. Results you can measure. We will tell you what others don’t want you to ask.